We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We are Setware Computer Informatics, Inc., a computer service company providing, , Computer Sales, Servicing, Rental, AMC, Repair, Networking, Virus, Spy ware Removal  and many other computer related Services. Setware Computer Informatics, Inc. can provide you with all the necessary support to run your day-to-day business. Centrally located in Chennai, we provide support and service to all Over India. For nearly 30 years, service has paid close attention to customers needs. We value our relationship with our customers and know that our growth depends on the satisfaction of our customers and strive to provide our esteemed clientele with state-of-the-art Computer Sales, Services and Rental

About Us

Our Objective

Our strategic business objective is to emerge as leading and creditable Sales, Servicing,
and Rental & AMC devices in India. We aim to develop innovative and advanced
products in the rapidly changing IT market, delivering high quality products at competitive
prices, coupled with a stable supply chain and comprehensive after sales support.

Our Commitment

1. Stable Supply Cycle
2. Quality Products
3. Affordability
4. Reliability
5. Flexibility
6. Comprehensive After sales Service

Our Product Range

1. Branded Desktops & Servers – HP / Compaq / IBM / Lenovo / Acer
2. Laptops – Compaq / HP / Lenovo / IBM / Acer
3. Printers – DMPs / Inkjets / Lasers & All in Ones
4. Other Peripherals – Webcam / USB devices etc,
5. Accounting/Statical Packages
6. Internet Services


1. Sale of Computers and Peripherals
2. Renting Of PCs and Peripherals
3. Servicing Of Computers and Peripherals
4. Software/Internet Service



1. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
2. Annual Labour Contract (ALC)
3. On Call Maintenance Service
4. DMPs / Inkjet / Laserjet Servicing
5. Networking / Structured Cabling Solutions
6. Internet / multimedia Solutions
7. Qualified Engineers
8. State-of-Art Diagnostic Tools
9. Accurate Estimate
10. Genuine Components
11. Immediate Delivery

Computer Sales

Sometimes the latest and greatest hardware is not needed or wanted by a customer. That’s why we offer used computers and accessories. Every piece of used equipment sold by Setware Computers has been completely refurbished by our technicians. We guarantee every item that we refurbish and sell.

Compaq, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, APPLE , MICROSOFT  SURFACE  and more! Let us now what you looking for and well do our best to find it and get it to you with great service at an excellent price.

We have access to systems and parts for new and old laptop computers including LCD/LED screens, A/C adapters, optical drives, PCMCIA features and other new and used replacement parts. We also deal in new and used laptop systems for corporate

Mainframe and Midrange
From AS/400 systems to terminals, printers and DASD’s we can supply the equipment you need to fit your particular needs.

Payment Options
We offer a wide selection of purchase options including leases and sub-leases as well as long- and short-term rentals. We also gladly accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express!

Computer Servicing

In our fast-paced world, there is an ever-growing importance for information and communication, in organizations. Modern integrated business systems have become an essential part of our daily jobs. Getting these systems to work properly is not always easy. The hardest part is making all the mission-critical parts – the hardware, software, and databases – work together seamlessly. That is why you should enlist the services of
a seasoned company to help you. Setware has vast experience in providing comprehensive systems integration services for over a decade. From complex networking applications to basic OS platforms, we specialize in providing complete solutions befitting your organization? requirements.

At Setware, we analyze the needs of each customer individually; find the right components in the vast commercial market, then build the system that suits the customer’s  needs best. We provide systems and solutions, using industry-standard, off- the-shelf hardware and software that we know will work together. Doing so means, we can easily customize your systems to meet the specific needs of particular groups in your

Our systems integration services comprise:

1. Consultancy Services
2. Implementation Services
3. Post Implementation Services
4. Network Audit Services
5. Network Design, Implementation and Testing for Structured Cabling for
6. Local Area Networks and Campus Area networks implementation and
management services
7. Project Management Services
8. Training and Knowledge Transfer
9. Computer Rack Systems and Integration Services.

You can count on Setware? Experience, expertise, and industry partnerships for deliverance of all your systems and networking needs. We are confident that our depth of experience in all situations will deliver tangible savings, resulting in a payback well in excess of our fees.

Computer Rental

Desktop Specification – (We customize PC / Computers on Rent as per your need)

Intel COREI3,I5,I7 Processor based Laptop, AIO and Desktop    Customizing Options



1. Computer-Laptop like APPLE , MICROSOFT  SURFACE ,DELL, HP, LENOVO ALL Latest model 
2. Servers/Desktop Clients
3. NoteBooks/Laptops/LCD projectors
4. UPS – Online/Offline
5. Printers(DMPs/Inkjets/Lasers) Scanners
6. Hubs/Switches


1. Flexible Configurations
2. Affordable Price
3. Any Volume
4. Immediate Delivery
5. Least Down Time

Computer AMC

We provide Annual maintenance Contract, because today’s world businesses are progressively dependent on the networking resources to conduct and co-ordinate they’re day to day activities. This leaves them extremely vulnerable in case of network failure or breakdown that would ultimately translate into potential business and commercial loss. Thus it becomes highly critical for these businesses to deploy and setup a very reliable and robust high performance network technology to ensure their business continuity. At Setware, with our vastly experienced professionals in various Hardware and Network technologies, we provide our clients customized solutions for their Hardware and Network problems. With highly skilled professionals in our ranks, we have built a rich expertise of various networking protocols, technologies and configurations prevalent in the industry today. Together with our technology partners, we will help you to build a network infrastructure that will meet your business demands for today and future needs.

Our Networking Solutions Services Include

1. A complete and through assessment of your existing network resource installation, understanding your current and future networking needs and device solutions designed to suit your business requirements.
2. To propose products and solutions that are economical, best suitable and efficient.
3. To plan and implement a network design infrastructure that are reliable
and provide optimum performance.



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